Troop 16
At the Indiana School for the Blind
Indianapolis, Indiana
This is the unoffcial site for Troop 16, Crossroads of America Council of the Boy Scouts of America.   Opinions expressed does not represent the Boy Scouts, Indiana School for the Blind, or the state of Indiana.  BSA Troop 16 does not endorse or guarantee any products or organizations which may be listed or linked through this site.
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Troop 16 is part of the Crossroads of American Council of the Boy Scouts of America.  It is sponsored by the American Legion and meets at the Indiana School for the Blind and is one of the oldest troops in the council.  To find out more about the Boy Scouts of America, click here.

To find out more about our troop and members, click here.

The troop has about 30 members that meet regularly at the school.  To find out more about the Indiana School for the Blind, click here.

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The troop consists of students from the school and visually impaired children in central Indiana.  The school serves students who are visually handicapped and blind.  To find out more about the blind, click here.
For a list of questions youth often have about the blind, click here.
For some general courtesy rules of being around blind persons, click here.

Because we are at the Indiana School for the Blind, do not think there is that much difference between our troop and any other troop.  We do pretty much all of the same activities and our scouts are just as independent as any other troop.  Don't think of our members as blind scouts, but scouts that just happen to be blind.  They hike, camp, set up tents, cook, go swimming/rafting, and other activities the same as any other troop.  With very few adjustments, they complete their  achievements the same as everyone else.  The troop tries to stay active.  We have four campouts scheduled for this school year.  Troop membership is open to any visually impaired youth regardless of school they attend.

The Scouts learn the regular scout skills.
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Gary Brockman
Page last updated on: February 26, 2006

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Mr. Gary Brockman

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Mr. Gary Brockman
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